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Belts & Buckles

Locally crafted English Pewter

Our Pewter buckles can be used with snap fits belts typically 38mm wide, of any colour. Belts purchased to size required. The recessed area in the face of the buckle holds our custom designed and custom made 'buckle inserts' in place by their shape design and magnetic applicatication. 


An insert is removed by pushing a pen or similar through the rear access hole of the buckle, and new insert then simply slotted in to the front of the buckle. All it takes is a few seconds.


Nickel free Zinc Alloy buckles use the same patent pending design and application for the same custom design inserts. Belts available in both full grain and split leather in any colour, size 35mm or 38mm wide and 48" max waist - you cut length to fit.

And Nickel free Zinc Alloy